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The project ANR DIFPRIPOS: Making PostgreSQL Differentially Private for Transparent AI just started. We are looking for a 2 year post-doc whose main mission would be the implementation of DP within PostgreSQL Anonymiser.

Feel free to contact me for more details.


The project just ended (Oct. 2023). Thanks to all the team!

Position and administrative duties

I currently hold the following positions :

I used to be:

Current Interests

I'm interested in Security, Privacy, Graph Databases with an underlying semantic and their convergence, in particular:

  • Secure and private computations in distributed dynamic environment; data management and privacy.
  • Privacy in Graph Databases (e.g. RDF); private querying and publishing.

I used to work on:

  • Security & interoperability in IoT.
  • Metrics definition, representation, and evaluation for complex system properties (security, privacy, QoS, energy consumption, robustness...).
  • Models and model transformations for self-adaptive systems; correctness preservation w.r.t. transformations.

Current Funded Projects

I'm also a member of:

  • Project AMI-CMA CyberINSA, PI4 France 2030 Funding
  • Project PEPR Cybersécurité : iPOP (Interdisciplinary Project on Privacy), ANR Funding


I am alumnus of :

  • ENSEEIHT, INP Toulouse (graduate studies)
  • IRIT, PhD
  • INSA Centre Val de Loire/LIFO, Temporary Associate Professor

Contact me

  • Office CRI 12, INSA Centre Val de Loire, 88 boulevard Lahitolle, CS 60013 - 18022 BOURGES cedex, FRANCE
  • Email : cedric [dot] eichler [at] insa-cvl [dot] fr